An accompaniment since A to Z for creation of your website!

GLOBOBYTE accompanies you in all aspects related to your website, since its creation to its technical maintenance by way of its hosting.

A website is an essential tool to provide information about business, its offers and services, in order to convince its targets.

A website also means secure hosting solution, domain name creation and SSL certificate.

With SEO referencing, these are necessary elements to good ascent of your content in search engines.

This is why we accompany our customers in choice of their domain name and offer complete and secure hosting solutions tailored to their needs.

Web host and domain name.

Web host is server that hosts business site and on which an SSL certificate is installed to secure connections to its content.

The mission of host is to provide user with requested web content at right time.

Domain names, on the other hand, can be seen as your identifier on Internet, it allows your customers to find you.

It may be name of business or relevant terms related to its activity.

The domain name can be found on the websites in the url ( and email addresses (

On the side to design and content, it is one of elements that give unique identity to each website.

Why create domain name?

A website with personalised domain name is easier to remember, your prospects will be able to find you without direct link to your site.

Having domain name adds credibility and professionalism to website, it provides an additional guarantee of trust for visitors and broadens its audience. 

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