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In incrementally competitive environment, website is no longer enough to be visible on Internet.

Today, majority of businesses have a website or online shop to present their products and services.

The new focus is on positioning in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing…

How to improve your web presence?

To check the best positioning in search engines, it is important to implement keyword and content strategy optimised for SEO.

We call this technique the web-referencing or natural referencing of websites.

The objective of Google and other search engines is to provide users with quality content that meets their expectations.

Several elements are considered to make websites go up in search results:
 Quality and pertinence of textual and visual content;
 Keywords and co-occurrences used in texts, along with different tags;
 Backlinking of site: incoming and outbound links;
 Expertise and reliability of site;
 Technical elements, such as dead links, security, redirection and url writing.

To check positioning among first results, it is important to optimise your natural referencing and establish true SEO strategy.

GLOBOBYTE takes care of SEO optimisation for search engines of your website.

Since web writing to SEO referencing, including definition of your keyword strategy, our experts implement all necessary actions to guarantee that your site receives good feedback in search results. 

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